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My philosophy behind styling is to listen to my clients, understand what makes them feel powerful and attractive then bring out that vision through hair shape and color.  As a former accountant I've fought hard to transfer into this industry by enrolling in one of the top cosmetology schools in the United States - The Aveda Institute Minneapolis.  After five years of doing hair as an amateur stylist I'm excited to bring my experience to a professional standard and setting.

I have a big passion behind art, aesthetic and color that I strive to bring to my trade every day.  When not styling I am working on art and mental health advocacy.  It's my personal goal that every client leave my chair happier.

It's my personal belief that everyone has a "true self or ideal self" and if I can help them realize parts of that through their aesthetic, that's where I find fulfillment in my trade.  Because of that I really believe that cosmetology is so much more than cosmetic!

To book with me at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis please contact me on Instagram or e-mail me at


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    Due to tipping restrictions at the Institute this is a frequently asked question and has been added here for convenience.  Tipping is never required but always greatly appreciated.

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I'm officially over half way through the program at Aveda and what a long haul it's been through the pandemic.  My passion remains strong and I'm currently seeking out the ability to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  I will be updating here as soon as that's complete.  In the mean time I continue to take clients and learn so much.  Thank you all for your continued support.

I've been very excited to consistently recommend Aveda's new Botanical Repair Treatment.

Watching the immediate results my client's get with the strength and deep conditioning with this strengthening and deep conditioning treatment is incredible.

Ask me if it's right for you.

One of my first loves is writing.  I write poetry on my Tumblr.  I am presently working on a novel that is just over 60,000 words, and I enjoy painting when I have the time and inspiration strikes.  My poetry is available here and some of my paintings will be for sale soon.